Your own bespoke e-commerce store and native mobile apps delivered as 1-2-3

We provide you with a “super easy to install” woocommerce store and a native iOS and Android apps designed exclusively for your needs in a matter of just a few days.

How it works

The process is simple as possible. No programming skills required from you. We’re processing your requests individually.

1. Send request

On this stage we need to collect some information from you like a company name, logo, description, etc. We also need to understand do you already have woocommerce store or just need to create new one. In both cases we can help you.

2. Install our plugin

Once all details clarified and agreed we will send you our wordpress plugin. You just need to install and activate it. This plugin do not change anything on your website its required only for proper work of apps. If you decide stop using our service just deactivate and remove it from your website.

3. Test Your Apps

You do not need apple or google developer accounts. We will send the apk file to test on Android and will invite you to Apple TestFlight to test it on iPhone. So you will get the real app on your device like your users will see it.

4. Confirm & Enjoy

On this stage we are ready to publish your apps on Google Market and Appstore. You do not need developer accounts since we will publish and support your apps by our self. We just need your confirmation.

How it looks

Currently only one native template available. Its build in line with UI/UX recommendations from Apple and Google. We going to add more and more templates in future. 


Our product in the beta now. We would like to understand your real needs to develop high quality product that will be aligned to your business. In gratitude, we are ready to provide support and refine our product for free (based on top requests from customers).

One success story

  • We have quickly launched new business by using service provided by Unibrium team. It`s amazing expirience for us. We got two perfect apps and woocommerce website with minimal launch cost for development. It allows us be more focused on marketing and promotion.



your app available

on all devices, all the time.

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